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Resurfacing is commonly misunderstood and confused with sealcoating. But resurfacing happens to be the process of laying an entirely new layer of asphalt over the existing foundation. In most cases it’s usually better to resurface when possible compared to completely replacing. Doing so you can actually get a longer lasting job than having to dig up the current foundation that has taken the many years to settle. 

If your driveway is in need of something more than a Sealcoat will take care of you’re going to either need a resurface, or a replace of your existing asphalt. Choosing the correct option for you could save you thousands of dollars now and in the long run! 

How to know when it’s in better interest to replace or resurface you ask?

Always be careful and never rushed into spending more money on a project than you should have to. If someone is pressuring you and insisting your driveway be taken out be sure to get an additional opinion. Sure there are times when it’s just too bad to resurface, but most times when it’s in this condition there isn’t usually second guessing it. What we typically go by is how solid we can tell the foundation is. There a key giveaways when determining the current conditions. 

1: Fresh deep sinking of areas. 

This is a tell that there most probably is a foundation issue beneath the asphalt that has to be address before paving over, if not you may find a nice new sunken area in your new asphalt in the not so far future. 

2: Rolling/Rutting

If you have had a vehicle with large (or maybe not so large) amounts of weight, and you have experienced ruts or rolling of your asphalt this is another tell that you are in need of proper foundation prepping. (Asphalt is designed to roll a good bit without breaking but this takes excessive weight so be sure you know the difference)

3:Complete asphalt separation. 

This is the one where it may look like your asphalt has been cut by a cookie cutter into enough pieces to make one of the words hardest jigsaw puzzles. (When I say “cut” please don’t confuse this with being cracked severely, as there is another term for this called alligatored, which can sometimes depending on the foundation beneath be resurfaced.) This will be when you can pick up the broken pieces with your hand or kick them up with your foot, basically they’re just lying there on top the ground.

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